24-Hour Emergency Storm Service

Need help right now? Got a tree or a large bough that’s come crashing down or is threatening to do so in the near future? Storm damage starting to make you nervous about what shape your trees are really in? Don’t hesitate. We offer day and night emergency tree services around the clock, no matter what day or month it is. That’s because we know just how much damage a falling tree or tree limb can cause. Damage to property, damage to cars, and potential damage to you, your family, or your customers and employees.

So if you think a tree is at risk of falling, tipping over, or losing large branches that could drop and do damage to people or property then call us right now and we’ll have a team of qualified arborists and trouble shooters on their way to sort it out.

Preparation is Half the Battle

When something as big as a tree starts to come down it is an emergency and since trees don’t respect working hours that means it’s essential to have round the clock emergency services ready to handle the problem. If you have trees, especially big ones and old ones, then make a note of our number right now because on the day that it goes wrong you’ll be glad to have that number to hand.

We believe the best emergency service is the one you don’t have to call on because you already had the problem under control so if you even think you might have need of a tree emergency service at some point we recommend that you call us in to conduct an inspection before the problem gets out of hand. A little bit of preventative maintenance now could save you a lot of money and grief further down the line.

Tree Removal
24-Hour Emergency Storm Service

On the Scene

The next step is that we dispatch a damage control team to your property. They will decide whether the tree itself needs to be dealt with right now, or whether the situation can be stabilized and dealt with when the storm passes or daylight comes.

Things that may need doing right here and now include emergency bracing/cabling for trees threatening to fall and patching up holes in roofs and securing fallen timber ready for removal when the weather is better.

Next Day

If we stabilized the scene to prevent damage we will usually wait until daylight so as to be able to work more efficiently and then we will remove fallen timber in small sections so as to avoid doing any further damage.
24-Hour Emergency Storm Service
Tree Service

First Steps

The first thing we’ll do is offer advice over the phone about the best things for you to do to protect yourself, your family, and your property. The more you can tell us about what the problem is and the condition of the tree the better an idea we will have about what needs to be done now and what equipment will need to be brought to the scene to get that job done right.

Hear What Our Customers Say....

"We use Jupiter Tree and Stump to keep the trees on our grounds healthy and out of the way of sidewalks and power lines. Very happy with their services. "
Tree Service
"It wasn’t even a bad storm and we didn’t pay much attention – until the sound of a crash and smashing glass shocked us into action. Fortunately Jupiter Tree and Stump were reassuring and totally professional, turning up in the middle of the storm to remove what turned out to be a fallen branch. They patched the dislodged roof shingles and fixed up the window and came back when the storm was over to tidy up and remove the other weak branches of the tree before they caused trouble. We’re so glad we called."
Tree Service
"Jupiter Tree and Stump ground out all the stumps in our yard and finally we have a lawn like a pool table."
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