Land Clearing

It starts with brambles or shaggy undergrowth getting out of control and suddenly you have no go areas in your own land where the walking is impossible because of the vegetation and the fact that you can’t see where you’re putting your feet. Or there are parts of your property that aren’t usable because of strewn rocks, fallen trees, and stumps. Which is fine, and provides a natural mini nature reserve for wildlife, right up to the day that you need that space for something, and then it’s time to clear.
If it’s just light branches and growth that can be strimmed back into shape that’s fine but there’s usually more to it than that and often once you start pulling away the light stuff and cutting back the growth you find that the job is bigger than you thought in the first place. Which is why your best bet is to call us and have that land professionally cleared with care and a respect for your plants and your property.
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Reasons to Clear

There are plenty of reasons to clear land starting with the simple aesthetic one of the place looking a mess. But there are also times when clearing land is better for your living trees because that fallen timber and piles of old leaves makes it hard for oxygen to get into the soil and often harbors fungi and other pests that can cause problems for your trees. Then there’s the issue of reusing land for a different purpose, such as clearing space for a patio, a pool, or simply a lawn space you can use. Perhaps you’re thinking of building on that land, and in that case you’ll want to go beyond simple clearing and have your land graded ready for putting in the foundations.


Obviously it’s not land clearance until we’ve taken away what you don’t want and so we clear old timber, dead wood, undergrowth and rocks to leave you with perfectly cleared land ready to do what you want with. If you’ve got tree stumps or will need trees felled then ask about our stump grinding service too.
Land Clearing
Jupiter Tree and Stump

Timber Value

If your land features timber, whether fallen or to be felled by us that has a potential value then we will assess that and can offer you a discount based on the resale value of that wood. We will automatically figure that in when we come to assess the scale of the task and the likely cost based on the manpower and machinery needed to do the job, and do it right.


Grading goes beyond clearing the dead plant material and smaller rocks. For grading which is the process of preparing the land for the laying of construction foundations you would need to call on more heavy machinery possibly including bulldozers, root rakes, back hoes, and mulchers to fully remove stumps, stubborn rocks and to break up compacted earth and clay to get a better idea of the subsoil.
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Hear What Our Customers Say....

"We use Jupiter Tree and Stump to keep the trees on our grounds healthy and out of the way of sidewalks and power lines. Very happy with their services. "
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"It wasn’t even a bad storm and we didn’t pay much attention – until the sound of a crash and smashing glass shocked us into action. Fortunately Jupiter Tree and Stump were reassuring and totally professional, turning up in the middle of the storm to remove what turned out to be a fallen branch. They patched the dislodged roof shingles and fixed up the window and came back when the storm was over to tidy up and remove the other weak branches of the tree before they caused trouble. We’re so glad we called."
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"Jupiter Tree and Stump ground out all the stumps in our yard and finally we have a lawn like a pool table."
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