Stump Grinding

When trees fall they are usually cut up with a chainsaw and the trunk and branches removed but the stump, while it may be cut down to ground level, is usually left in place. Often that’s just fine except that the dead stump can be a fertile breeding ground for fungi and mold that can then affect nearby living trees. Even stumps cut low to the ground level can prove a trip hazard, and if the idea is to use the land for say a driveway or a patio then the stump left after trimming with a chainsaw will inevitably project enough to get in the way. Time for stump grinding.

Stump Removal

Removal is a very different job from stump grinding as it involves digging out the stump and its root ball. Remember that the root ball of a tree can be four to ten times the size of the crown of that adult tree so however big the tree is the root ball is bigger. We don’t have to get all of that root network, but we do have to get the major limbs and that means using a mechanical digger to get deep into the soil and haul out the roots to take them away. Because it’s such a major job most customers are happy to settle for stump grinding rather than removal but there are some cases where only removal will do. The obvious one is where another tree is going to be planted on the exact spot previously occupied by a felled tree. In that case grinding will not be enough as it will leave the root network in place to interfere with the growth of the new tree. Removal is more labor intensive than grinding, and usually requires more machinery and more time so it will cost more. Ask us for a quote today.
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Stump Grinding

Benefits of Grinding

Grinding the stump down to below the soil level makes it less appealing to termites and other pests that may otherwise inhabit a dead stump since the soil can cover up any remainder and grass can be regrown to cover the spot. You get a smooth even lawn back and the eyesore of an old stump is completely erased, making your property better looking and more usable.

On the Scene

The next step is that we dispatch a damage control team to your property. They will decide whether the tree itself needs to be dealt with right now, or whether the situation can be stabilized and dealt with when the storm passes or daylight comes. Things that may need doing right here and now include emergency bracing/cabling for trees threatening to fall and patching up holes in roofs and securing fallen timber ready for removal when the weather is better.
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How Long does it Take?

A single stump can be ground down in as little as 20 minutes or so, although the total job will take longer as we clear the space around the stump and check that we are not going to hit anything unexpected. If you have a number of stumps it will work out more cost effective to arrange to have them all ground down in a single day.

Hear What Our Customers Say....

"We use Jupiter Tree and Stump to keep the trees on our grounds healthy and out of the way of sidewalks and power lines. Very happy with their services. "
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"It wasn’t even a bad storm and we didn’t pay much attention – until the sound of a crash and smashing glass shocked us into action. Fortunately Jupiter Tree and Stump were reassuring and totally professional, turning up in the middle of the storm to remove what turned out to be a fallen branch. They patched the dislodged roof shingles and fixed up the window and came back when the storm was over to tidy up and remove the other weak branches of the tree before they caused trouble. We’re so glad we called."
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"Jupiter Tree and Stump ground out all the stumps in our yard and finally we have a lawn like a pool table."
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