Tree Removal

As well as being the green lungs of the planet trees are imposing, majestic, and beautiful living things. They are the oldest living things on earth living for thousands of years and can grow to hundreds of feet high, they improve air quality, and even lower air temperature through evaporating water from their leaves. They give us shade, privacy, and are a huge part of the curb appeal and property value of our homes. Nobody loves trees more than us. But part of that love is recognizing when a tree is no longer an asset and has become a liability.
Cutting down and removing trees may then be a necessity and while it might be fun to live out your lumberjack fantasies and head outside with an ax there are a lot of risks to yourself, to others, and to your property. It’s a much better idea to get the pros on the job, and that’s where we come in.
Tree Removal

Why Remove Trees?

There are a lot of reasons why we get called in to remove trees. The main one is that the tree, perhaps planted with no idea of its likely growth is now too close to property and is threatening to encroach on it further day by day. Or perhaps the tree is damaged through storms, or simple aging and threatens to fall into property or to drop heavy limbs on property or passers by. We can provide a tree risk assessment for you to decide if a tree can be made safe or if it simply has to go. We don’t just assess obviously encroaching trees, we also check out any trees for signs that they are dead or dying, or have dead limbs that may be a risk. That involves checking for cavities in scaffold branches, checking the state of the bark, and looking for cracks in the trunk or dead branches in the upper crown. Once a tree is dead it is a liability and since it is hard to tell how tall a tree is by looking up you may not be aware of the extent of the radius of potential damage if it comes down.

Cost of Tree Removal

Everyone wants to know how much it costs to remove a tree and the honest answer is that it varies depending on a number of factors. These include the location, the size of the tree and thus the kind of equipment required to remove it safely plus the size of crew needed to carry out the job properly.
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Steps in Tree Removal

Once it’s decided a tree has to be removed we start by clearing the area and assessing the tree’s natural lean. We then reduce the amount of material falling at once by starting with the major limbs and removing them before moving on to the main trunk.

Tree Stump Removal

Tree removal will leave a stump and that can be a trip hazard as well as an eyesore so we would recommend that you also think about tree stump removal and grinding. Talk to us today about removing both your unwanted tree and the remaining stump.
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Hear What Our Customers Say....

We use Jupiter Tree and Stump to keep the trees on our grounds healthy and out of the way of sidewalks and power lines. Very happy with their services.
Tree Service
It wasn’t even a bad storm and we didn’t pay much attention – until the sound of a crash and smashing glass shocked us into action. Fortunately Jupiter Tree and Stump were reassuring and totally professional, turning up in the middle of the storm to remove what turned out to be a fallen branch. They patched the dislodged roof shingles and fixed up the window and came back when the storm was over to tidy up and remove the other weak branches of the tree before they caused trouble. We’re so glad we called.
Tree Service
Jupiter Tree and Stump ground out all the stumps in our yard and finally we have a lawn like a pool table.
Tree Service