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Jupiter Tree and Stump in New Haven, FL are dedicated professional arborists which means we care for your trees at every stage of their long life cycle from planting the right trees for your property to performing the last rites when it’s time to remove dead trees and grind out their stumps. In between we will inspect your trees checking for rot, fungi, infections, or uneven growth and trim them to keep them healthy, aerating their crowns, removing dead or diseased limbs, and pruning them tactically to ensure that they grow just the way that you want.

We also trim to suit the demands of your property; raising crowns to ensure head room for passers by, and trimming crowns to keep branches away from property or utility lines. As well as caring for those live trees we also pave the way to plant new ones with full stump and root removal or simply stump grinding to take those stumps down below the ground level. We clear land of dead trees, undergrowth and rocks and take away all the debris we dig up. Or we can mulch those dead trees and stumps for you and use that material to care for the living trees you have. We are your trees’ family doctors and so whatever your concerns about your trees, past, present, or future, we are there to put your mind at rest and make your trees healthy while protecting your property. The following are just a few of the services we provide; to find out more give us a call.

Our Services

We keep trees in check, but as arborists we do so in a way that promotes their healthy growth. Just taking a chainsaw to a tree growing in a way you don’t want is a recipe for problems further down the line. For example where once it was considered perfectly acceptable to ‘lop’ trees by cutting down parts of the main stem to leave stubs we know now that this can stunt trees, or encourage decay and fungi that can spread to other trees. We don’t lop trees, we prune by taking out the right amount of the crown at the right points, and at the right time of year. That way you get the tree shape that you want, but with healthy tree growth going forward. That approach underlies everything we do, including work like tree removal and stump grinding. We always aim to preserve your property but also do right by the trees themselves – because we believe it’s in everybody’s interests.

Tree Removal in New Haven, FL

There are a lot of reasons why we get called in to remove trees. The main one is that the tree, perhaps planted with no idea of its likely growth is now too close to property and is threatening to encroach on it further day by...

Tree Trimming in New Haven, FL

No matter what kind of tree, or how high it is we know exactly what and where to trim as well as having the equipment to reach the right level and work safely without posing a risk to nearby property or...

Land Clearing in New Haven, FL

It starts with brambles or shaggy undergrowth getting out of control and suddenly you have no go areas in your own land where the walking is impossible because of the vegetation and the fact that you can’t see where ...

Stump Grinding in New Haven, FL

When trees fall they are usually cut up with a chainsaw and the trunk and branches removed but the stump, while it may be cut down to ground level, is usually left in place. It’s used when a tree has grown lop sided...

Tree Cabling in New Haven, FL

Tree cabling is the use of carefully placed cables, braces, and anchors to keep a tree from toppling over into structures. It’s used when a tree has grown lop sided, or soil subsidence or other physical factors have...

24-Hour Emergency Tree Service in New Haven, FL

Need help right now? Got a tree or a large bough that’s come crashing down or is threatening to do so in the near future? Storm damage starting to make you nervous...

About Us

Although you often hear the term tree surgeon, and you can call us that if you like, we prefer to use the name arborists. As arborists our professional expertise is in the cultivation and management of trees, and that includes handling the situation if a tree becomes damaged, falls, or starts dropping branches. So while the safety management side of trees is obviously important, and is often why customers initially call us, our role goes well beyond that into ensuring the right trees for your property growth in a way that is both healthy for them and good for you, your family, or your business.
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Hear What Our Customers Say....

"We use Jupiter Tree and Stump to keep the trees on our grounds healthy and out of the way of sidewalks and power lines. Very happy with their services. "
Tree Service
"It wasn’t even a bad storm and we didn’t pay much attention – until the sound of a crash and smashing glass shocked us into action. Fortunately Jupiter Tree and Stump were reassuring and totally professional, turning up in the middle of the storm to remove what turned out to be a fallen branch. They patched the dislodged roof shingles and fixed up the window and came back when the storm was over to tidy up and remove the other weak branches of the tree before they caused trouble. We’re so glad we called."
Tree Service
"Jupiter Tree and Stump ground out all the stumps in our yard and finally we have a lawn like a pool table."
Tree Service

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If it’s a tree emergency then call us now on this number. If you think you may have problems with your trees that will only get worse then call us now on this number. Even if you think your trees are just fine then at least make a note of it but our feeling is that if you have trees then the best thing to do is have them checked out so we can tell you where things may need work.

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