Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming

Trimming trees is an art with a number of purposes – safety, tree health, and aesthetics. No matter what kind of tree, or how high it is we know exactly what and where to trim as well as having the equipment to reach the right level and work safely without posing a risk to nearby property or passers by.

Tree trimming is an essential part of maintaining healthy and good looking trees, and we are happy to provide tree trimming services for properties large and small.

Tree Service
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Reasons to Trim Trees

Trees may need trimming because they’re getting in the way and threatening utility lines, or growing at head height, or coming too close to windows. They may need trimming because they’re looking unshapely and out of proportion.  Or they may need trimming because it will improve their growth pattern, help them to fruit, or avoid rubbing branches that may cause older limbs to fail and fall. If you think your tree needs trimming then it probably does, call us in to take a look.

Some tree trimming is best done in certain seasons; much trimming, as well as all pruning, is best done in the tree’s dormant season but we will be more than happy to advise you on whether trees need trimming right now or whether it would be better to wait a little.

Pruning vs Trimming

The difference between pruning and trimming is that trimming is mostly about managing the shape and size of a tree while pruning is a type of trimming that is all about encouraging the tree’s growth. Pruning may be necessary, for example, to encourage a fruiting tree to fruit more abundantly, or start fruiting when it has otherwise stopped.

Pruning is normally seasonal and there is a best time of year for pruning trees whereas most trimming can be done year round.

Tree Trimming Styles

Some trimming is self-evident; like lopping a branch that has grown too long and is encroaching on something or somewhere you would rather it wasn’t. Others require a little more explanation. Crown raising is where the lower hanging branches are causing a problem for pedestrians or other access.

There are guidelines on how much of a living crown can be cut away in one go, so we will advise you on how much can safely be cut away without damaging the health of the tree. Crown thinning is where we reduce the density of the tree’s crown and in the process improve airflow which can be beneficial to the tree’s growth.

Tree Trimming Techniques 

We know which branches can and which branches should not be cut and we typically employ the three cut technique to manage the trimming so that we trim exactly the right amount and control exactly when and where the branches will fall.

That’s why you call in the professionals; to be one hundred per cent sure that the work will be done neatly and as you wanted with no risk to the tree, your property, or any passers by.

Our Services

We keep trees in check, but as arborists we do so in a way that promotes their healthy growth. Just taking a chainsaw to a tree growing in a way you don’t want is a recipe for problems further down the line. For example where once it was considered perfectly acceptable to ‘lop’ trees by cutting down parts of the main stem to leave stubs we know now that this can stunt trees, or encourage decay and fungi that can spread to other trees.

We don’t lop trees, we prune by taking out the right amount of the crown at the right points, and at the right time of year. That way you get the tree shape that you want, but with healthy tree growth going forward. That approach underlies everything we do, including work like tree removal and stump grinding. We always aim to preserve your property but also do right by the trees themselves – because we believe it’s in everybody’s interests.

Tree Removal

Tree Removal

It’s always sad to see a tree go but there are times when there is no other option and it’s a job you want handled by the professionals. Dead trees that have fallen are one clear example (although even there we would encourage you to keep small areas of dead wood to encourage wildlife). 

Seriously damaged or dying trees that pose a risk of falling are another example of trees that must be removed. And of course some times trees have to be removed because of construction work or replanting. In each case the work needs to be done in a controlled fashion to minimize damage to other plants and to ensure the timber is removed safely.

Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming

Trees may need trimming because they are getting too close to property or utility lines, they may need trimming because they are unsightly or growing lopsidedly. They may also need trimming to promote their growth (pruning) and and to give better headroom underneath (crown raising). 

We know exactly how to trim every type of tree you’re going to find in Florida so the shape is right for you and the growth pattern is right for the plant.

Land Clearing

Land Clearing

Tangled undergrowth, fallen trees, stumps and rocks can make land unusable and unsightly. Before you can lay that patio, build on it or simply enjoy that lawn, you need the land cleared by our team of enthusiastic and environmentally conscious land clearing specialists.

Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding

When a tree is cut it leaves a stump and the roots beneath it. While the roots can usually be left in place (unless you need to plant another tree on the same spot) the stump will prove an eyesore, a trip hazard, and a building obstacle even if it was cut to be as close as possible to ground level. We grind out stumps to below ground level so that you can have a perfectly smooth surface where they used to be.

Tree Cabling

Tree Cabling

If trees need support to withstand the weather, stop them from threatening property, or perhaps grow back up straight (think of cabling as like teeth braces for trees) then we can use a variety of cabling and bracing to support and direct your trees as well as steer them back on to the straight and narrow.

Ask us about the difference between static steel bracing, and the possibilities of flexible dynamic bracing to allow your trees to move with wind and storms without risking them falling.

24-Hour Emergency Tree Service

24-Hour Emergency Storm Service

Trees don’t respect working hours when it comes to problems. Storm damage needs to be dealt with immediately and if you think a leaning tree or heavy limbs are a likely threat to your own life and limb then there’s no way you can wait. Which is why we offer a full emergency tree service around the clock, every day of the year.

Contact Us

If it’s a tree emergency then call us now on this number. If you think you may have problems with your trees that will only get worse then call us now on this number. Even if you think your trees are just fine then at least make a note of it but our feeling is that if you have trees then the best thing to do is have them checked out so we can tell you where things may need work.

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